Wax Heater

Wax Heater : Digi Warm Wax Warmer - The temperature is controlled by computer which features digital temperature display and quick constant temperature to dissolve wax rapidly. Max temperature is 110c.

 Preset temperature in four modes: Water 70c, Oil 80c, Wax 105c, Honey Wax 110c User selectable keys are provided. Select the mode according to requirement of treatment.

 When temperature reaches it preset temperature, the temperature display show Off and audio beep sound generated after every 3 second interval for five times it means the wax warmer reach up to preset level and unit will On automatically when temperature decreases than the preset value.

 After dissolving the wax completely, put the wax pot in to the protective tray . If needed reduce the temperature.

 This can be used on the face, neck, hands ,feet, or the body.

 Leave for 15 minutes, peel off and finish with a moisturizer.

Product Name: DIGIWARM
Model no. WAX Warmer
Weight 800 Gms
Height 3"
Width: 8"
Depth 9.75"
Voltage A/C 220-Volts 50 Hz.
Absorbed Power 150 VA
Complies With IEC 601-1 Classification
Safety Class I
Operating Temp 10 - 110
Storage Temp -10 - 70