Ultrasound Therapy Unit LCS-121

ULTRASOUND THERAPY UNIT : LCS 121 Ultra Sound Therapy Unit is most advanced, portable, lightweight, based on micro computer control system. It has 2 output modes, user-friendly.


Ultrasonic waves are useful for treatment of Inflammation of Elbow Joint (Tennis Elbow), Plantar Fascitis (Heel Pain), Shortening of Muscle or Ligament, Inflammation of tendons (Suprasspinatus tendnitis), Ligament Sprain (Lateral Ligament Sprain of Ankle), Unhealed Scars etc.


Dimension (L*H*D) 195mm, 65mm, 135mm
Weight 1 Kg Approx
Operating Voltage 220V AC 50Hz
Absorption 65-Watts
Fuses 1 Amp
Room Temperature 10 °C to 40°C
Moisture 10% to 80%
Max Output in Cont. Mode 2 Watts/cm2
Max Output in Pulse Mode 3 Watts/cm2
Function Frequency 1MHz
Available Output One Intensity Maximum 3 Watts/cm2 with Digital Display
Output Mode Continuous / Pulse
Timer 01 to 20 minutes Adjustable
Crystal Safety Available