Ultrasonic Therapy LCS-122DX

Ultrasonic Therapy : Solid-State Ultra Sound Therapy Unit is the ost advanced, Portable, Lightweight, based on solid-state circuity. It has 5 different output mode, digital timer, digital out-put meter & crystal safty circuit comes up with two transducer, mains cable, jelly, spare fuse.


For neuro-muscular and musculo skeletal disease to mobolise collagen tissues, remove edema & reduce pain.


Dimension(L*H*D) 295mm, 114 mm, 295mm
Weight 3 Kg Approx
Operating Voltage 220V AC, 50Hz
Fuses 1 Amp
Room Temperature 10 to 40 C
Moisture 10% to 80%
Function Frequency 1 MHz
Available Output One
Output Mode Continuous/Pulse(1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16)
Intensity Maximum 3w/cm2
Timer 01 ~ 99 Minutes Programmable
Crystal Saftey Available