Therapeutic Muscle Stimulator LCS-161

THERAPEUTIC MUSCLE STIMULATOR :LCS 161 Muscle Stimulator is more advanced, compact and lightweight. micro controller based circuitry & user-friendly systems.


To stimulate sensory and motor nerves, facilitate muscle contraction re-educate muscle, improve circulation, prevent/stretch adhesions, hypertrophy muscle, prevent contractures and to test muscle for enervation.


Dimension (L*H*D) 190mm, 68mm, 140mm
Weight 1 Kg Approx
Operating Voltage 220V AC 50Hz
Absorption 25-Watts
Fuses 200 mA
Room Temperature 100 °C to 400 °C
Moisture 10% to 80%
Treatment Mode Plane Galvanic, Interrupted Galvanic, Plane Faradic, Interrupted Faradic
Pulse type Rectangular
Pulse Duration (Galvanic) 30~300 ms Variable.
On Time (Faradic) 01~6 sec Variable
Display LED