Long wave Diathermy LCS - 115

Long wave Diathermy : Our fully equipped Long wave Diathermy Unit is the latest addition in the field of physiotherapy. The principle behind this equipment is based on the capacitor field method. It emits electromagnetic energy at specific frequencies ranging from 500 KHz to 10 MHz Thus, this has become an alternative for Shortwave Diathermy Unit.


The frequency and spectrum select carefully, interferential therapy can relive pain, reduce swelling, activate cell function and promote healing, therefore restoring function. Because of its versatility and effectiveness, Interferential is often choice for the treatment of physical condition such as Rheumatism, Arthritis, Muscle Strains, Sports Injuries, Neuralgia, Neuritis, Circulation Disorder and Incontinence.

» Wide input voltage

» Micro controller input

» Plastic molded light weight cabinet

» Touch free capsence keys

  • LCD display
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance