Surgical Diathermy AYU 400 Watt 44P DX

AYU-400W-44P DX :

» Light weight

» Elegant Design

» Simple Operation

» The Reliable Economical

» Digital Display

» 100 Programs


High Frequency Electro Surgical Unit with Separate Bipolar Foot Switch

Microprocessor control, innovative design, together with high reliability makes 400W High frequency Surgical Units the most favorable choice for doctors.

In the used surgical diathermy, the technical ability of the unit combined with plain safety are of prime importance —both for the patient and the user, There must be no possibility of accidental , undesirable results in the use of life care systems Electro Surgical Units been developed .

The Ayu 400W-DX is newly developed electro surgical units of particular safety and reliability. The Ayu 400W as the most refined unit of its kind in the world.

Safety in use

The Technical conceptions of the Ayu 400W-0X meet the requirements of highly refined, Electra Surgical techniques all national and international safety standards are conformed to or exceeded. It is not possible for the unit to deliver a higher output than has been set on the control. The micro function allows for an instant reduction in the output for more delicate application such as neurological or micro surgery.


Monopolar Cut Pure 300 400
Blend-I 300 300
Blend-II 300 250
ENDO CUT 300 200
Monopolar Coag. DESICCATE 300 150
FORCE 300 200
SPRAY 300 150
Bipolar CUT 100 100
COAG 100 70
MACRO 100 70
MICRO 100 50

Physical Characteristics - LxWxH - 430x405x280 mm

Net Weight - 5kg 500 Grm. - Gross Weight - 10 Kg. 900 Grm.